master classes
All the clothes featured in this catalog are made using patterns tested on dozens of customers and various body types, so they are sewn without the need for fittings. To ensure a perfect fit, all I require are your measurements: height, chest measurement, and waist measurement.
The prices listed include both sewing and fabric costs, with a 25% discount applied to individual sewing fabric.
Discounted fabric pieces are leftover materials from sales or cutting orders. They can either be in perfect condition or have minor flaws that won't affect their usability for crafting items. I will report defects or lack thereof in the fabric description.
Soul Fabric offers discounts for small wholesale purchases:
• 7% discount when buying 10 meters or more.
• 15% discount when buying 20 meters or more.
• 20% discount for purchases of 30 meters or more.
If you choose one type of fabric in different colors, the total amount of fabric is combined. For example, if you buy 2 meters of Barry Sorbet, 5 meters of Twilight, and 3 meters of Sky, the total is 10 meters. In this case, you are eligible for a 7% discount on small wholesale purchases.